Dennis Evans is a former Verax operative who was introduced in Legends.

Biography Edit

Operation Raining Fire Edit

Dennis Evans joined the U.S. Army and was enlisted to work for Verax, a military contract group. As part of a Verax operation, Evans and other members of the group, such as John Cameron, an MI6 operative working undercover for Verax, and Robert McCombs, were stationed in Iraq around February of 2004. However, Evans suddenly realized that Verax stole American money and was planning to sell explosives, chemicals, and weapons on the black market. Evans later rescued Cameron, who was imprisoned by Verax who figured out that he was an undercover agent for MI6. Cameron later told him to get as far away as possible. As Evans escaped, Operation Raining Fire occurred which killed many Verax agents.

Disappearing Edit

Having left Iraq and returning to the United States, Evans, who wanted to disappear from Verax knowing that they would kill him as he knew details regarding Operation Raining Fire. Evans later mentioned that a few people have tried to kill him and as a result, he was forced to get off the grid.

Approached by Martin Odum and Death Edit

Several years later, Evans was located and approached by Martin Odum (John Cameron), who was conducting an unauthorized investigation on Verax's operations in Iraq. As Odum approached him, Evan suddenly attacked him, believing that Odum was misrepresenting himself. After Odum restrained Evans, he suddenly recognized Martin, saying that 'Martin Odum' is not his real name. After inviting him into his house, he gave Martin a picture of the two of them and McCombs. After Odum mentioned that he forgot about his time in Iraq, Evans started freaking out, saying that Verax wants them dead before warning Odum not to trust anyone. Before he planned on disappearing, Evans later gave Odum the name of another Verax operative who served during the Iraq War, Kyle Dobson.

Moments after Martin left Evans's place, Dennis was later tortured and asphyxiated by another Verax agent.