Robert McCombs is a mysterious individual who is introduced in the second season of Legends.

Biography Edit

Operation Raining Fire Edit

Some time in his life, McCombs joined the U.S. Navy, working as an operative for Verax, a private military contract company. As he was seen in a photo of a group of Verax soldiers, he served during the Iraq War in 2004. However, Verax, led by Jason Shaw, turned rogue, hijacking trucks full of American money that was used for passification funds and killed innocent American soldiers in the process. As Verax, who also obtained Saddam's WMD as well as other weapons and explosives, was planning to sell those weapons presumably on the black market, John Cameron, an MI6 operative who infiltrated Verax, called an air strike, which eventually killed many Verax agents including Shaw and Cameron himself. The incident was later known as Operation Raining Fire.

Seeking Help Edit

After the events occurred in Iraq, it is assumed that McCombs and two other former Verax operatives, Dennis Evans and Kyle Dobson, were suffering from amnesia, memory loss, or PTSD as other Verax operatives were either killed during Raining Fire or they were murdered by their superiors. One time, McCombs attended a hospital in which he mentioned Raining Fire as an incident where fire was raining down from the sky.

McCombs, who conducted a secret investigation on Verax's involvement in Operation Raining Fire and Martin Odum, later found and confronted Dennis Evans, informing him that there were only two more agents that survived during the events of the Iraq War, stating that every other veteran was killed by the explosion.

Confronting Martin Odum Edit

Years later, specifically in August of 2014, McCombs followed Martin Odum to Chinatown and began stalking him. As Odum was about to board a subway, McCombs confronted Odum. As the two engaged in a hand-to-hand combat fight, McCombs later told Odum that his name was a lie and a legend, warning him not to trust anybody. McCombs later disappeared, secretly giving Martin a burner phone as the two sparred.

Death Edit

Later that night, McCombs was called by Odum, who demanded to know who he was and what his real name was. The two later agreed to meet at a subway. However, McCombs was suddenly stabbed by a mysterious female Verax operative. As Martin begged him to stay alive, McCombs later died from his wound before giving Odum a book and told him that the answers are inscribed in the book.