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Sonya odum

Sonya Odum is Martin Odum's wife.


Sonya Odum was once a CIA operative who was stationed in Germany. She was ordered to get Martin Odum out of Iraq after he was injured. At a hosptial in Germany, she saved him from a hitman who was assigned to kill him.

Approximately 10 years later, she and Martin had a son but hadn't seen each other ever since.

In the episode Wilderness of Mirrors, Sonya and Aiden were kidnapped by Ahmed Hassan and other Saudi thugs. The thugs were shot. Martin realized that Martin Odum was a legend. He got suspicious of Sonya after she almost killed a Saudi assassin. At an FBI safehouse he questioned how Sonya knew how to fight. She took a few defense classes. Later, he demanded the truth out of her. He demanded to know what his name was and the reason he was in Iraq. Fearing that Martin would not love her, she responded by telling him that she did not know. Then, the trio were almost killed by Verax assassins sent to apprehend both Sonya and Martin. While the gunfight erupted, she was shot. Nearly dying, she revealed that she was a CIA operative sent to take him to the U.S., to protect him from Verax.

From a conversation with Martin and Crystal, Martin revealed that she survived.